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Kevin Jones is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer/songwriter  He performs solo, duo, trio, and with The Kevin Jones Band  and sits in with some of the finest musicians in the world today.   Kevin is a touring musician and has shared stages with national acts such as John Hiatt, Little Feat, Roseanne Cash, Bruce Cockburn, Joan Baez, Laura Love, Marc Cohn, Michael Tomlinson, & Catie Curtis.  He owns and operates a complete recording studio that is used for his own music and other Northwest based musicians. 

Kevin’s original lyrics are well crafted, and his guitar playing is innovative and precise.  His voice is powerful, gutsy, gracious and pure. He plays a variety of different guitars and has an extensive collection of standard and custom built stringed instruments. Among them are: Taylor, Gretsch, Godin, Hamilton, Fender, Kay, National, Silvertone, Michael Kelly, Trinity College, Kentucky, Lindert, Epiphone, Eko, Goya, Gibson, and Takemine.   He uses odd and low tunings to create a huge performance sound.   Acoustically, he uses Sunrise Pickups (and the occasional good condenser microphone). 

Kevin has released 4 full length CD to date. His latest CD "Winter Moon" was released May 2010.  All recordings are available at The Store and all major music websites

Comments and Opinions
Seattle Weekly, Roberta Cruger
With a voice and lyrics to match the sweet strains of his guitar, Kevin could be Seattle's version of Jackson Browne**.
**From Seattle Weekly, reviewing Kev’s CD “Hester St.”

Paul Speer (Multi-Award Winning Producer-Rainstorm Studios)
"I have worked with and known Kevin for several years. In addition to recording many of his albums at my studio, I have had the pleasure of including him as a session singer on numerous other projects. Kevin's talent and professionalism makes him a joy to work with and he always delivers the goods. I highly recommend him both as a singer and as a musician.”

Michael Tomlinson (Multi-Award Winning Singer-Songwriter
“I own very few CDs that contain all good songs. Kevin Jones' Hester Street is one of my favorites.
Every song, every line, means something and he expresses them all with great emotion and a pure voice."

Performing Songwriter Magazine - "Jones is the kind who's always looking for fresh inspiration, new challenges, and different directions ….always ready to lay down that next great track or write that next great song.”

Sing Out! Magazine - . "Jones plays a warehouse full of guitars, he is highly listenable and his lyrics are intelligent."

Victory Review (Richard Middleton) - "His latest CD 'Hester St.' is a thoroughly impressive album. He has remarkable talent and stylistic range as a songwriter, guitarist, and singer reminiscent of Bruce Hornsby.”

Mary McFaul (Manager, Laura Love Band) -"Kevin Jones is a deep soulful songwriter with a clear ringing voice that opens my eyes and makes me look around. He is a tasteful accomplished guitarist that could stand alone in making a career for himself."

Kathi Goertzen (KOMO 4 TV News Anchor)-"Kevin's songs are
meaningful and very memorable. I find myself singing them often.”

Chris Lunn (Founder Victory Music) - "Kevin delivers his music in a clear fashion with a lot of drive .”
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